Body Wraps With Seaweed Mineral & Mud!


Seaweed body wraps alone are powerful but when you add minerals, dead sea mud, special clays and herbal ingredients then you get the most powerful body wrap available.

Body Wraps And Toxic Fat (detoxify with our body wrap)

One of the reasons that so many people have a hard time losing fat from the body is that the fat becomes toxic. This means that it almost becomes like sludge. The toxins make the fat very hard for the body to burn. Many state that toxic fat is 5 to 7 harder to metabolize than regular fat. A good detox wrap will eliminate and remove the build up of toxins in many fat cells throughout the body. This gives amazing results for cellulite etc.

Toxic Fat Is Almost Impossible To Burn

This is why body wraps become so amazing for people that have tried everything to lose weight or to lose inches. There is a very strong component of our body wraps that help to detox the fat whether it be in the arms, the belly, thighs, hips, and so on. By removing the toxins in the fat then the fat is easily burned by the body (remember how when you were young you could eat just about what you want - this is because your body was a fat burning machine simply because the fat was so simple for the body to burn!

Short Term Results From Body Wraps

One of the main reasons people buy all the different body wraps is because it gives short term results. Many people lose a total of 15 to 25 inches the very first body wrap. However, there is more to the story. With a few body wraps the fat is detoxified and the long term results are amazing as well.

Long Term Results With Body Wraps

by helping the body to rid the fat of toxins you get many long term results that help with weight reduction and fat loss. Your body can much more easily burn body fat. For many this will help to remove the existing body fat but for many more it will also prevent body fat from ever being deposited.

How Do You Know If Body Fat Is Toxic?

Almost all cellulite is toxic and this is why traditional products don't work. They don't detoxify cellulite like a good body wrap can. Sometimes it will take several applications to that area to get the results you want but they do come.

Almost all belly fat is toxic. This is why your doctor will plead with you to get rid of belly fat. It is extremely dangerous because it sits to close to your heart! The body deposits toxins in fat! If you don't remove these toxins before trying to lose weight then you will have a very difficult time trying to get rid of the belly fat.

Stubborn fat or fat that has been on the body for long periods of time is almost always toxic!

Why Ours At Home Body Wrap Kits Work The Best

This body wrap is  a culmination of years of research and combining the most effective fat burning, detoxifying and stimulating ingredients (increased circulation is very important). Herbal body wraps, seaweed body wraps and even dead sea wraps alone are not enough. We combined all of these extremely potent ingredients into one (already mixed) wrap. You simply heat it up a little (if you choose) and then apply and wrap.

Remember that the body wrap bandages are important. The compression is key to literally squeezing out the toxins so that the mud and clay can pull them from the fat. They should be snug when wrapping but not so tight that they cut off circulation!

Try one of our Home Body Wrap Kits and we are quite certain that you will be shocked and amazed as well!



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